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Hearth Solutions: Overview

"Before you buy, educating yourself on the products and services
available in the marketplace will ensure the success of your project"

This section starts that education process so that you are more prepared and better aware of what your options are, so that your expectations can be obtained.

Hearth Products: Are more commonly, thought of as a fire-burning appliance for your home that add ambiance, act as a supplemental heat source, or a combination of the two; however, Hearth Products may also include items that are, designed to enhance or complement an existing Hearth Appliance.
Hearth Solution: A hearth solution is a project, undertaken to satisfy a desire or need to integrate an applicable Hearth Product into the living space of your home.
Hearth Professional: An individual or organization with years of experience, an NFI Certification, and the resources needed to safely design and integrate a hearth solution into your home. Taking shortcuts and chances when you are putting "live-fire" into your home is not a good idea! Why would you jeopardize you and your family’s safety by not using a Hearth Professional like Hot Concepts to install your hearth project?

Which Solution will be right for me?
Start by filling out the "Pre-Shopping To-Do" questionnaire. This will help you figure out what is most important to you. Click Here To Get Started!

Browse the Hearth Solution pages listed below to learn more about what will be "involved" and/or "required" for each type of project. Your home and its characteristics play a major role in qualifying particular solutions and products. Please, if you have any concerns, call one of Hot Concepts hearth specialists who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Hearth Solutions Wood Stoves

Hearth Solutions Wood Inserts

Hearth Solutions Gas Stoves

Hearth Solutions Gas Inserts

Hearth Solutions Gas Fireplace

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