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1)Which description(s) below best describe your project? ( Check all that apply. )
 Retrofit and/or convert an existing fireplace Replace an existing Hearth Appliance Accessorize, enhance, or change the appearance of an existing Hearth Appliance Add a new Hearth Product - existing living space Add a new Hearth Product - new construction (either new house or new addition on existing house)

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3.) Is there a particular type of hearth product that you are thinking about purchasing? (Check all that apply.)

 Gas Fireplace Wood Fireplace Electric Fireplace Gas Stove Wood Stove Electric Stove Gas Insert Bio-ethanol Fireplaces Outdoor Kitchens BBQ’S Glass Doors Stone Facings (marble, granite, stone)  Mantel Pellet Stove Pellet Insert Gas Logs Electric Insert Wood Insert

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